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Golden Offers Pet Day Care

At Golden Animal Hospital, we offer an alternative to leaving your four-legged friend at home all day: Pet Day Care. Pets participating in our Day Care enjoy outdoor exercise breaks and playtimes with members of our Boarding Staff. The day’s meals are monitored and personalized according to each pet’s special dietary needs.

Pets enjoy relaxation time in our excellent boarding facilities. Pet owners can also choose to upgrade their pet’s Day Care experience by allowing them to stay in one of our Luxury Boarding Suites at our Atlanta Highway location. Our two professional groomers are available if you wish for your pet to receive a medicated bath, nail trim, or breed-specific groom while in our Day Care.

For your convenience, dogs and cats participating in our Day Care can be dropped off as early as 7:15 AM. Pets need to be picked up from our Day Care program by 5:30 PM.